Autoclave Euroklav 23 S+

Autoclave Euroklav 23 S+

SKU. AE040200

This practical distiller Autoclave Euroklav 23 S+ produces water of the highest quality in accordance with what represents one of the oldest methods of treatment. When the equipment is activated, the temperature of the water increases, it begins to boil, the steam that it produces is conducted through the opening. During evaporation, chemicals, salts and dirt remain in the container. The current flows through the cooling coil system in the upper section where it cools and condenses in distilled water.

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SKU. AE040200

with drying and 4 S-type programs

Measurements: 42,5 x 48,5 x 66 cm

Capacity: 22 liters

Notes: Test Bowie Dick



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