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Surgical light Dr. Mach 300 Led

Surgical light Dr. Mach 300 Led

SKU. LQ01003

The HD and SD video systems of the surgical light Dr. Mach 300 Led offer maximum image quality with maximum light mobility.

The advantages of the new video system are many and varied such as the continuous 360 ° rotation in all the large joints, its easy assembly, fixing and maintenance, as well as a resolution of colors sobrasaliente in HD. It has a multifaceted lens system and thanks to its LED technology the heat emission is reduced to a minimum.

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SKU. LQ010031

ceiling mounted (max. height 3 m)

Lux: 130.000 lx

SKU. LQ010032

wall mounted

Lux: 130.000 lx

SKU. LQ010033

ceiling mounted (max. height 2,80 m)

Lux: 160.000 lx



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